The Author

Jocelyn Esther Nelson, cut her professional teeth in the very competitive commercial real estate industry. During the time of completing her Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2003, she joined a global firm in an entry-level position as a college student. While working for the same company for 15 years, she had received 7 title and salary promotions, purchased a home, married the love of her life and was raising 2 active children.
Nelson does not credit nearly quadrupling her salary as a result of her longevity within the industry. Rather, she attests that her dedication to self-improvement, along with her blue-collar work ethic, allowed her to move up the corporate ladder. Her management style was coined as, the ‘fuzzy bunny’ approach, as she was able to maintain a calm and poised demeanor during stressful situations while working with some of the top-ranking industry clients.
During Nelson’s tenure she extended her passion for personal development by managing a mentor program for the administrative staff, earned sustainability and leadership designations as a commitment to her clients’ core values and became an elected Chairperson to serve her company’s initiatives to establish local community outreach, strategic client alignment while evoking a corporate conscience for nearly 600 regional employees.
That was Nelson’s career path until 2017, when her mother received a devastating diagnosis of Stage 4 Cervical Cancer. During the last and critical years of her mother’s life, Nelson told her mom that she would change her real estate career to pursue a life of greater purpose. For her, that was leaving behind the comforts of a corporate career and starting up her own production company. In the spirit her late mother, Red Bird On Purple Tree Productions was established in 2018.
Now focusing on her gifts as a prolific writer and speaker, Nelson enjoys expressing herself on a deep level to help others help themselves. She finds there is great healing by exposing the personal stories regarding her faith, moments of crippling anxiety and the grief of losing a parent. Additionally, she shares the wellness practices that she has utilized over the last 2 decades that have helped her manage the stresses of being an entrepreneur, wife, working mom and a living human being.